Gecko food

Announcing Big Fat Geckos own formula of crested gecko diet is now available!  You can now feed your geckos the same natural food we have fed our geckos and red foot tortoises for years! Our formula is now available in a simple dehydrated powder that you mix with water and feed! This product is nothing but dehydrated good stuff!  Simple as that!

Our formula is a complete and balanced nutritional smoothie that can be offered daily for juvenile, adult and breeder frugivore geckos. Frugivore geckos can and should be offered appropriate sized crickets or other insects at least 1-2 times per month for adults, 3-4 times per month for juveniles. Gut-loading crickets and/or dusting with a calcium powder supplement is advised.

I started breeding these wonderful critters in 2003. I have always fed my own blender concoctions...until I just couldn't resist the ease of the powder and water way! So I search the world (on the web:) for the the same great ingredients I've always used, only in powder form. With the help of other breeders and veterinarians, my fear of GMO, experience and the drive to make the best quality diet for my little friends that I could...This is it! 


Made with 100% all natural ingredients non GMO and organic whole foods!  Each ingredient was carefully selected for its nutritional contribution for a perfect balance that has proven to maintain optimal health for frugivorus reptiles!  No fillers or additives No flavoring or enhancers! It simply is what is!